Introducing new perfomance management process programme of organisational change

As part of an ongoing programme of organisational change, your HR director wants to introduce a new performance management process, which will sit alongside other people management and HR practices that have been designed to support High Performance Working within your organisation.
She has asked you to provide an initial report based on your research covering the concept of ‘High Performance Working’ (HPW) and the extent to which it supports sustainable organisational performance. She asked that you base your report on secondary source material.
Your report should cover:

Analyse the concept of HPW. (approx 100 words)

Explain the key components of HPW (i.e. perspectives on the range of processes, practices or systems that might be included in the best HPW best practice bundle). (approx 400 words

Identify barriers to implementing HPW in organisations (approx 400 words)

Evaluate the link between HPW and employee well-being. (approx 200 words)
Evaluate the link between HPW and competitive advantage. (approx 200 words)

Evaluate the link between HPW and sustainable organisational performance (approx 200 words

Sample Solution