Introduction of Myself to the Course

Introduction of Myself to the Course

Education is the key to success. This is the statement that most parents sing to their children from the time they commence attending kindergarten at a tender age all through to their time in college. There may be challenges along the way, through elementary and high school but all who join college harbor great expectations and dreams for the future. My story is not any different.

Being in junior level now implies more time for self-improvement and establishment, even as I major in Management. A lot of success is expected, especially with the course and career guidance that comes with the mentorship program.

I hope to be well-prepared and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in this discipline for I yearn to, after graduation, seek an entry level managerial position in a respectable organization. I will then in that capacity give back to the community, in addition to developing my career further as I gain more experience.

Of great significance is my ability to get along with all sorts of people, therefore working as a team. I give my best to assignments and working with deadlines is not new. I have not lagged behind as far as technology is concerned; I can work pretty well with latest applications used in the office.

Away from the office, I hope to find time for charitable activities. I currently visit Children Homes and spend time with the kids, play with them, make them smile. I teach them how to skate: something I am really good at. I do not intend to stop this even after college.

In a word, I strive to better the world, give back to the society and impact positively on other people’s live