Introduction to Chemical Engineering

  1. The National Academy of Engineering has a outlined the “Grand Challenges for
    Engineering”. Go to and click on “Challenges” on the
    top of the page. You will see a drop down list of all the challenges.
     List all the challenges and number them. Now write 2/3 lines in your own words
    what they are.
     Pick 3 challenges you like and watch all the short videos in each of the 3. In your
    own words, write a paragraph on what you saw/observed and what drew you to
    these challenges.
     Now look at the home page – you will see 15 research/technology “blurbs” as you
    scroll down. You will see “Smart sensor makes sense of wounds” at the top and
    “Cardio prosthetics gets additive makeover” at the bottom. Click on “Read More”
    on and get a firm grip on what each technology is all about.
     Match each of these 15 research/technology blurbs to the Grand Challenges: just
    make a table with 2 columns with 15 rows. The first column should have the titles
    of each of these research/technologies, e.g., “Smart sensor makes sense of
    wounds” is the 1st row/1st column. In the 2nd column write down the title of the
    Grand Challenge (you may list more than 1 Grand Challenge).

Sample Solution