Introduction to Forensic Science

  1. Ridge counting –
    Using the 1st enlarged fingerprint pattern count and record the ridge count. Draw a line from the center of the
    core of the fingerprint to the delta. Count how many times a ridge crosses the line. Record the number
  2. Examining a fingerprint’s minutiae
    Using the 2nd enlarged fingerprint classify at least 5 different type of minutiae present
    (bifurcations, islands, dots, enclosures, ridge endings) Circle each and label the minutiae.
    You can circle the minutiae or draw a line to each with the name.
  3. Classifying unknown prints
    You have been given two sets of fingerprints .One was made up of images of fingerprints and the other is an
    actual scanned fingerprint card .Using the classification guide classify each of the fingerprints as to its general
    fingerprint pattern (loops, whorls (and sub divisions), arches . If it is 1 of the 4 whorl types (Plain whorl, central
    pocket whorl, double loop or accidental) classify it as a whorl. \

Sample Solution