Introduction to Networking

Greetings, I am the head network technician tasked with implementing the network solution of ACME Inc. I spent some time interviewing the staff from other departments and developed a network based on the needs of the user. This report is the culmination of all off my findings to include costs and labor needed to accomplish the tasks. Here is a diagram of the building that was provided to me. The Information Technology Department will take control of room “B” to use a network closet. All offices will be standardized to include a laptop, dock, two monitors, uninterrupted power supply (UPS), and peripherals.

Timeline of Installation
From my count we will have 38 offices and 5 conference rooms. To accomplish this task prioritizing efficiency, accuracy, and safety, I will need eight other technicians to do the initial install not including myself and my assistant. For the ten of us to accomplish this job I am estimating 2 business days. This is higher than the projected times below this is because I am accounting for mistakes in the instillation process or any other thing that could impede the process. Below is a breakdown of the time we plan on spending on each of the offices and conference rooms.
Count: 38 Offices, 5 Conference Rooms
Personnel Needed: 10 Personnel
Breakdown: 2 Personnel per room Est time for install (30min)
Total Office Installation 3 hours
5 personnel per Conference room 30min per room
Total time 1.5 to 2 hours
Network Topology – Star
Required Equipment
Below is a list of required equipment to get our network up and running. It may seem expensive on its face, but all the equipment purchased now will save the company money in the long run because we will not need to upgrade. The cost and equipment suggested can be changed upon orders from upper management. In total we are expecting to spend around $97,700.51 this includes taxes and all of our wages. Finally, I inserted a summary page containing all of the data in an easy to digest formula. We look forward to getting our network up and running!
Switches – 2 48 port
Laptop- 50
Dock- 50
Keyboard- 50
Mice- 50
Monitor- 100
Port plates- 100
Punch panel- 2
Velcro Cable ties
Raceways 4
Phone- 50
Network Cabling – 3k feet
RJ-45 connectors – 2 (100 pack)
Router – 1 (enterprise)
Big Screen TV – 5

Cost Break down

Sample Solution