IRA – Irish Republican Army

Compose a research paper based on a terrorist group of no less / more than 15 – 20 pages.The paper should have a cover page, end notes or footnotes and a bibliography.
The Paper must include the following areas as chapters/parts or pages:
A brief history of the group: Who founded it, when, possible catalyst/event for its formation
Who makes up the group Demographic (age, race, ethnicity, etc.)o Religion, Political belief, Other?
Where they primarily operate What countries – Areas within a country or countries Continents – world zones
What is their structure Organized- Rigid/loose, Cell based, Other? How do they recruit Religious houses, academia, through culture/location, other?
How are they funded? Foreign governments Donations – Sole source or multiple Special interest fund raising Criminal activities- Drugs, extortion, etc. Social support Who supports them Demographic, a specific Media? Most notable or significant action or attention getter?

Sample Solution