Is the War Powers Resolution working?

Is the War Powers Resolution working? Pick one of the “48 hour reports” that you wish to learn about from the list at the Reiss Center on Law and Security. You can find the full list at this link:
(Click on the arrow next to “Date” to bring up the most recent reports)
Read the Weiss Center summary and the actual document (“View the 48 hour report”) that the President submitted and answer these questions:
◦What was the threat or emergency that triggered this use of military force? (Purpose/Mission)
◦Where was force deployed and to engage with what enemy? (Location/Type of enemy or mission)
◦What type of deployment was this – 4(a)(1), 4(a)(2), or 4(a)(3) – and what does this mean?
◦What was the public reaction to the deployment, if any. (Put another way, was this use of force covered in the news?)
◦In your view, is this use of military force a reasonable exercise of presidential power or an over-reach, suggesting we need some new set of rules to limit presidential discretion.
The only sources you need for this are the details and documents linked to the Weiss Center website, and a news sources about the deployment

Sample Solution