Islamic Philosophers of the Middle Ages

Question 1

Saved Dao literally means

Question 2

Islamic Philosophers of the Middle Ages never saw the value of engaging with Plato and Aristotle’s ideas.

Question 3

Unsaved When comparing the allegory of the cave to the divided line, the cave is to the realm outside the cave as intelligible (realm). Question 3 options:
is to the

Question 4

According to Kessler and our discussion in class, one way to get out of the dilemma of ethnocentric imperialism versus a kind of “anything goes” relativism is to

Question 5

Foundationalism about rationality holds that?

Question 6

Unsaved Anti-foundationalists often criticize foundationalism because?

Question 7

Unsaved According to Russel means

Question 8

Which of the following best interprets the verse: ‘Doors and windows are cut out to make a room, but it is on its non-being that the utility of the room depends.”

Question 10

According to the Dao De Jing, What best characterizes the Dao?

Question 11

Dualism holds that

Question 12

According to Russell, the value of philosophy is to be found in Question 12 options:


For Plato, the sun and the Good are alike in so far as the Good makes possible just as the sun makes sight possible.Discuss

Question 14

According to Ken Taylor, why is philosophy important enough to merit a significant place in academia, the “intellectual landscape,” and the broader culture?

Question 15

Socrates believed that wisdom is?
Question 16

Which of the following is an example of an image in Plato’s sense?

the concept of a triangle Question 17 (1 point)

Question 17

For Plato, the best and most real things are the eternal or most permanent?

Question 18

What do you think is the best way to understand particular objects relationship to the particular features that characterize them

Question 19

Does Idealism and actually exist?

Question 20

Major concerns of ontology include?

Question 21

Summarize Quine’s view of what exists and/or how we can understand what a particular person takes to exist. How does Quine’s view differ from Laozi’s understanding of these questions? Which author takes the question to be more serious or substantive?

Question 22

Discuss ontologies, unlike substance ontologies, emphasize Ihingness”ffintities as the most fundamental reality.

Question 23

Describe Heidegger’s conception of ontology–what questions should it address and how should it proceed? Is Heidegger satisfied with previous Philosophical ways of doing ontology, dating back to Plato? Why or why not?

Question 24

Which of the following constitutes a difference between “the many things” and the Forms? Question 24 options:

Question 25

Is there one reality whose nature is undivided, or are there many different real things that cannot be reduced to a single thing?” as well as the question of “how can several different objects all be characterized by the same property or relation?”

Question 26

Foundationalists often respond to the anti-foundationalists by arguing that?







































































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