Jean-Léon Gérome, Bashi-Bazouk, 1868-1869, Gallery 804,

Line: How well defined are the forms and figures? How would you describe the brushstrokes, painterly or
linear? Controlled or loose? Explain.
Light: Is there even lighting or one light source? How are the shadows: subtle or dramatic? Explain.
Space: Do these scenes take place indoors or outdoors? Is the space shallow or deep? How well is the space
depicted (foreground, middle ground, background)? Explain.
Composition: How are figures and objects organized? What is the focal point? Explain.
What is the genre? Landscape? Portrait? Religious? Figurative? Explain.
Iconography: What attributes about the space or figure are emphasized? And what do they mean? Explain.
Purpose: Who commissioned these paintings? Who would have viewed these works? Explain.
-opening sentence: should be a “hook” to draw the reader in (a question or quote)
-concluding sentence: thesis statement that outlines your argument
-visual description: include observational details and use descriptive language
-visual analysis: explain the significance of these details, contextualize them in history, religion, and society.
c. Conclusion: relate your artwork to a bigger question, relevant topic today, or another canonical artwork.

Sample Solution