JFK & Cuba 1960″s history

1)The United States and Cuba have a long and interesting history. Analyze the role the Cuban Missile Crisis played in the Cold War and how it shaped the relationship between the Soviet Union and the United States. 2)The United States role in Vietnam began before Kennedy took office. However, he will be responsible for what happens there, discuss the key details of JFK’s role in the Vietnam War. What did he to support the war in Vietnam? 3) John F. Kennedy supported the Civil Rights Movement in a different ways. ,Give at least 2 examples of how JFK supported the Civil Rights Movement. 4)John F. Kennedy’s assassinations left many questions for the U.S government to answer., briefly recount the events surrounding the assassination and discuss the conspiracy theories 5)Summarize the main points and outcomes of John F. Kennedy’s new Frontier. 6)While only holding office for a short period of time ,John F. Kennedy ‘s was able to promote many new policies would have made him a controversial target for many groups in the U.S. 7)The Kennedy and Nixon debate were a highly publicized event in 1960. Discuss why Kennedy came out on top during the debate. 8)Identify the options John F. Kennedy had in resolving the Cuban Missile Crises and explain the rationale behind his final decision. 9)While investigating the assassination of John F. Kennedy ,there were mistakes made by multiple parties., pick either the Dallas police or FBI and describe the possible mistakes that the agency made in the assassination. 10) Describe the events and the details of the Bay of pigs incident from the perspective of John F. Kennedy . What happened and what was the role in planning the convert mission



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