Job analysis and job description

For this assignment, you will analyze your current role (or a previous role, but I highly recommend a current role). Please review Chapter 4, specifically pp 175-184 and the video below. Essentially, you will respond to each prompt in the JAQ (above) and complete a thorough analysis of the job you are analyzing. This exercise is extremely valuable and a good job analysis is the foundation for everything from Job Descriptions to performance evaluations.

A few notes:

Pretend as if you are analyzing your job at your new boss’ request. You’ve heard your new boss is looking slim down the organization because she feels there are too many people and not enough work to do. Every statement is you selling your responsibilities to your boss.
Duty statements must add to 100%
Tasks must be actions
Duty statements are RARELY over 25-30%. Use caution in chunking your duties. JOB DESCRIPTION: This assignment is to complete a job description using this form.

Sample Solution