Journal Article

  1. Identify the journal article that the model comes from (make sure you include it in the reference list with SCU URL details).
  2. Explain the model. This involves critically reading and writing about the concepts discussed in the journal article. You are expected to use some of the academic

literature to support a well-constructed argument (a minimum of 5 references to other articles from the course material – more for higher grades). What are the factors

in the model that you are looking at? What are the outcomes that are being investigated? What is the relationship between the factors in the model? (600 words)
3a. Application. If you are in a (paid or unpaid) work context, examine whether the way the factors interact in the model is similar to your understanding of how

leadership behaviours affect employees’ outcomes in a workplace. Justify your response with reference to your own workplace and other journal articles in the unit

content and reading list (900 words) Note: if you select this option you must get approval from your facilitator and you MUST demonstrate evidence that you are

currently or recently employed by the organisation you are analysing.

Sample Solution