Julien S. Bourrelle TED

After reading Chapter 4 and watching the TED talks video by Julien S. Bourrelle VIEW HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-Yy6poJ2zs
,create a presentation of your learning about Web-based social cognitions, and the importance of our social perceptions when we perceive others of different
cultures. For the first part of your presentation, answer the following initial questions:
What is web-based social cognition?
Explain how culture relates to our perceptions of others and ourselves.
Discuss whether or not these perceptions vary across cultures.
For the second portion of your presentation, you will need to do some additional research. Select one culture that you are not familiar with. Do some research
to learn about some of the cultural norms of that particular culture. Specifically research cultural differences between American culture and that selected
culture. After doing this research, please complete the following:
Compare and contrast some key differences between American culture and your selected culture.
What are some things that surprised you?
Has this research changed your perception or previous impression about this particular culture?
You presentation should be completed using PowerPoint and should last 6-8 minutes with a voiceover. Please use APA formatting (include a title slide and
reference slide

Sample Solution