JV and subsidizes and their effec

JV and subsidizes and their effect on national economy in the energy sector: case study of Saudi Arabia

Introduction: A brief explanation of what is the propose to research, why the research is of value and how you propose to go with it and critically, why is it important, and to whom? Literature Review: A thorough examination of key, recent contributions in research periodicals relating to the area of research in question. You should use the literature review to identify gaps in, or problems with, existing research to justify why further or new research is required. This must be relevant and up to date, to make sure the research proposed is original .you should ensure that you have updated it with the latest developments in the literature. It is through the literature review that you lay the foundations for the research questions, by critically evaluating what has already been done, how it could be improved, where the gaps are, or what the new frontiers are that the research will address. Research Methods: mention all the Aramco JV,3 variables must be identified 2 dependents and 1 independent A clear description of methodology which it will explain how we will see profits and other parameters, including details of methods of data collection and analysis. A time schedule showing key activities because this will determine if the project is feasible within the standard period References: Any literature cited in the proposal should be listed at the end of the document. Use of the Harvard style of referencing.

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