Kant ethics

In a short essay of about three pages, apply Kant’s moral theory to a real situation. You need to apply both formulations of the Categorical Imperative. Explain the ethical theory under consideration.
Explain your ethical dilemma.
Show how to analyze (2) using (1).
To really make your case, it would be great if you could think of the best objection to (3) and address it.
The only citing you can use is:To cite the Kant’s Axe video, you may use this format: Kant’s Axe, {timestamp}.

To cite the Stanford Encyclopedia article on Immanuel Kant, you may use this format: SEP, Immanuel Kant, 5.{1/2/3/4}. To help you with the copy and pasting, here are the four possible permutations:
SEP, Immanuel Kant, 5.1

SEP, Immanuel Kant, 5.2

SEP, Immanuel Kant, 5.3

SEP, Immanuel Kant, 5.4
This is based on my ethical dilemma: Do I choose a career as an ultrasound technician to help people or do I choose a career as a business executive to make a lot of money to donate to charity to help people?

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