Katie Eastburn

Background Information
In May 1985, Kathryn “Katie” Eastburn and her two daughters, Kara, 5, and Erin, 3, were murdered in their
home, on the outskirts of Fayetteville, N.C., near Fort Bragg. Police found Katie next to her bed, raped and
murdered. Two of her three daughters were also stabbed to death, their throats cut.
The assignment is for you to watch this YouTube video of the crime, making notes on your observations. Then
you will assume the role of criminal investigator and, based on our studies this week, you are to write out your
interrogation of the suspect in this case, Tim Hennis. In doing so, you can make the following assumptions:
This interrogation occurs after Hennis is arrested and charged through the military (the second time)
Hennis has been read his Miranda rights and has waived his rights (agreed to speak with you about the case)
Remember, in the second trial Hennis changes his story a little by claiming he and Katie had consensual sex,
but he still maintains he didn’t kill her or her children. That being said, Hennis is not offering any information
you don’t ask for, but freely answers any questions you ask him.
Your submission should be very detailed to include:
The location, date, and time of the interview
Anyone you would have present
The method of documentation (if any)
Information you would use from the first trial (if any) during the interrogation
A detailed description of techniques you would use with your questioning
A detailed description of the approach you will use when asking questions
Apecifically, what type of questions you would ask (from the five types listed in the textbook – you may use
more than one)
What, if any, legal deception techniques you might use during the questioning (remember, just because he is
answering your questions does not mean he is telling you everything)
And finally, once all of the above is laid out, provide a DETAILED list of specific questions you are going to
It is expected you will ensure all the information covered in Chapter 6 of our course textbook (including the
checklist on page 221) will be covered in your final submission. Naturally, anything else that has been covered
thus far in the course may be used if you deem it appropriate.

Sample Solution