Key mutations of PTEN in cancer and the effect they have on PTEN function.

This should be formal scientific writing which describes different PTEN mutations and evaluates their effect on
the function of PTEN in cancer.
Demonstrates a well- developed ability to interpret the published data and to make clear evaluative links
between the mutations and PTEN function. Shows deep critical evaluation of the data and the cited literature.
Detailed and focused review of previously published literature showing a comprehensive understanding of the
research field and the broader context of the study.
-figure is included, it must be numbered, contain an appropriate figure legend, and should be referred to within
the main text .
Written expression is clear and concise. Arguments are put forward succinctly and the structure of the piece is
well-planned, well- thought out and logical, enhancing its readability.
-Reference : Harvard’ style reference system.

Sample Solution