Knowledge Management Systems

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One of Canada’s largest companies, Canadian Tire, sells a wide range of goods and services. The retail

outlets are independently owned and operated. The company was using daily mailings and thick product

catalogs to inform its dealers about new products, merchandise setups, best practices, product ordering,

and problem resolution. It is looking for a better way to provide employees with human resources and

administrative documents.

The headquarters can use a daily or weekly email newsletter to disseminate a “heads up” to its retail

outlet dealers that encourages them to review the Web site for new products and services, best practices,

and problem resolution. A section of the Web site can be established for social interaction between

dealers and retail outlets and the headquarters staff to share information and best practices. The

knowledge management information system can capture input on the social network and incorporate it

into other information in the knowledge management system.

A company such as Etsy, which is an online marketplace for handmade items and art and craft supplies,

strives to build a community among buyers and sellers.

Describe the problems created by doing business without a focus on modern methods and how knowledge

management systems might help. Provide options for solutions. Select a business such as Etsy and

analyze its operation. Include responses to the following questions in your essay.

What is the business model and revenue model?
How does the company’s website, headquarters, and/or storefronts reflect the culture and values of the

How important is “community” to the business? Describe all the community-building features found on the

business’ website.

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