Discuss the historical development of trade unions and the future labour relations trends within the context of human resources management Objective of this Assignment: To demonstrate an understanding of the course content to apply this knowledge to the analysis of an LR current event. Instructions: Not a day goes by without a news story on an issue affecting the unionized workplace. Examples can range from unfair labour practices to collective bargaining disputes to a strike or lockout. 1. For this assignment, you are required to gather information found in an article from an authoritative source (e.g., academic journal, newspaper, business report, business magazine, etc.) pertaining to one event that is relevant to labour relations. 2. The material presented must directly address a current labour relations issue. 3. Identify, discuss and analyze the main issue covered in the article, making links to all secondary issues, theories and concepts; ? 4. Critique the actions taken by management and the union, (i.e., what did each do particularly well or poorly, based on your current understanding of labour relations); 5. Discuss how the event in the article affects the lives of people other than those in management or the union. 6. Summarize the article (include all necessary background information);



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