LACMA visit

  1. Visit one of the listed places.
  2. Write a 1,000-word essay on your visit.
  3. Take at least 5 photographs of the visit, with one including yourself in front of the location.
  4. Make one sketch of an object or a building. The quality of the sketch will be taken into account for your grade, you should spend 20-30 minutes on your sketch.

The entire work should be saved as a Google Document and you should post the link to the discussion board. If you need support on Google Docs, please send me an email. Tutorial for Google Docs (Links to an external site.)

  1. Your essay should explain the trip from your personal point of view, and it should detail your experience. Explain a little of what you learned, but do not list only historical information or detailed timelines. Write about your impression of the location, surprises or disappointments and what knowledge or wisdom you acquired. 1,000 words are about 3 pages double-spaced in Google Docs or MS Word.

I chose LACMA as the place to visit

Sample Solution