Land Law

Bob Rogers viewed Susan Day’s house, 7 Clover Road, Leamington (the house) on 27th July 2018. The house had been on the market for £210,000. Bob liked the house and before leaving the house he made an offer of £200,000, which Susan accepted. They also agreed that certain chattels would be included in the price of

£200,000. Susan listed these items on a piece of paper, which they both signed. An exchange of letters, which is set out below, then followed between Susan and Bob:



1 August 2018 Dear Bob

7 Clover Road Leamington


As we discussed when you viewed my house, on 27 July last week, I confirm that I will sell my house to you at the price of £200,000, to include the chattels that we discussed and listed.

Signed Susan Day

7 August 2018 Dear Susan

7 Clover Road Leamington

Thank you for your letter dated 1 August 2018, confirming our discussions when I viewed your house. I am still happy to proceed on this basis.


Bob Rogers



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