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This 3,000 word essay investigates the effects of mediality on two related texts. The first text is a pre-existing piece of your choice. You will give an account of how this text is characteristic (or not) of its mode(s) and medium (media). Discuss the affordances of the mode(s) and media, and how they relate to the type of text, the aim or purpose of the text and its intended audience. You will then recast the text into a different mode and/or medium (the second text), and give an account of the implications of using a different mode/medium on the content and form of the communication. Reflect on any difficulties you had in the transmediation process, and any gains or losses in meaning potential you noted which were related to the change of medium. How is text 2 typical (or not) of its new medium? The account of your two texts, as well as your experience of the transmediation process, should be supported by the theories we have explored during the module, and this, and your own reading, should be referenced.

• Apply the analytical tools learned on the course in an independent research project
• Deepen the knowledge learned on the course through independent research
• Expressing ideas and information through different modes and media is a critical skill in many professions, including teaching, business, IT and management of all kinds. This task draws attention to the ways in which communication is altered, enhanced and inhibited according to the chosen medium.

• The LEL Handbook gives helpful guidelines for writing essays, avoiding plagiarism, referencing and submission. It also sets out the criteria against which your assignment will be marked.
• The Handbook guidelines for presentation of your work are:
o All work must be double-line spaced [I am also happy with 1.5 spacing].
o Leave a blank line before each new paragraph.
o Longer quotes and citations (more than two lines) need to be single line spaced and indented. Indented quotes do not have ‘quotation marks’.
o Pages should be numbered in the top right-hand corner.
o You should use Times New Roman font, size 12, for the main part of your essay and bibliography.
o Leave a large margin (about one inch, or 2.5 cm) around all work.
• Word count: The word count given above represents a range, within which your number of words should fall. The word count does not include your reference list, appendices or texts, but does include all quotations in the body of your essay.
• Your texts: I welcome all kinds of texts for analysis, and have offered some suggestions in lectures. Bear in mind:
o Do limit your analysed texts, which need to be long enough to offer you a range of examples of the features you are analysing, but short enough for you to achieve the analysis within the word count!
o Texts which are not in the public domain (e.g. recorded conversations, SMS message exchanges, recorded lectures) may need permission to be used, and consent form to be completed. Please discuss this with me if you think this is the case. A blank copy of your consent form needs to be included in your appendices, and you should keep a copy of the original signed forms.
o You need to append both texts. Spoken texts should be made available in transcription, and video texts can be represented as shown in lecture 7. You will need to deal reflexively with how transcription decisions affect your data (week 5 lecture).
 BUT don’t let these considerations put you off using spoken data!
o Please do not replicate any of the data you used in Assignment 1. Your text 1 for Assignment 2 should be a different text.
o Please remember that hyperlinks DO NOT work in Turnitin.

• This essay has both theoretical and applied elements.
o Academic theoretical support runs throughout the essay: you can include a brief overview of work on both of your chosen text genres and the media in which they are presented as suggested in the guidelines (lecture 7); as you write your account, you should support your claims with academic references where appropriate.
o Applied analysis: while most of your account will be about your own experience of the process of transmediation of the text, you should support any comments about typical affordances and characteristics of media from academic sources.

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