Leadership and management

This assignments will have 2 parts. In part 1 you will provide a definition of leadership and management in your own words based on readings. You will also analyze various leadership and management theories that you learned in the course, i.e., skill approach, trait approach, path-goal, expectancy theory, etc. You can use any of the management or leadership theories. Please compare contrast, and list similarities in these theories in your analysis. You will not be given a specific number of theories that you must use; however, to have an effective analysis (compare, contrast, and similarities) in your paper you should have four or more theories for leadership and management. The theories can be from the book and from other sources. This section should be 1 to 2 pages.
In part 2 you will choose a major organization and analyze/discuss the style of the leader (example: Steve Jobs). You are being asked to use a major organization so that you will have enough information on the leader, their style and their effectiveness You can use what you have learned from your readings and other sources to do this analysis. You can pick any organization that you would like if you can find sufficient information on the leader and their leadership style. As you analyze the leader and their leadership style you will also need to include the strengths and weaknesses that you see by incorporating your readings. Please provide a conclusion regarding how the theories (that you compared contrasted and found similarities) relate to the organization and leader that you analyzed.

Sample Solution