Leadership and Tactics in the Battle of El Alamein

In this module, you learned how military mavericks apply leadership in action. This time you saw how Rommel and Montgomery employed the art and science of leadership and operational design through wan You were introduced to the principals of joint operations, a theory of warfare that allows commanders to gain a preponderance of physical forces and material advantages at the decisive point. The principles of joint operations are Economy of Force, Legitimacy, Maneuver, Mass, Objective, Offensive, Perseverance, Restraint, Security, Simplicity, Surprise, and Unity of Command, (Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2011, pp. A-1 – A-6.). You also learned how Rommel employed these principals in the crossing of the Meuse. The module leaming outcome addressed in this activity is: Analyze Rommel’s and Montgomery’s charismatic personas and war-fighting skills. (CO #1, 2) The input of each student adds value to the course and creates a better experience for everyone. Although this is an online asynchronous course that you can access on your own schedule, your regular participation is mandatory. You will be expected to log in and participate at least two times per week on separate days throughout the term. When participating in the discussion forums, be both honest and respectful of ideas and comments from your classmates. Please remember the board discussions take place in an open forum, so refrain from vulgar language and racial, sexist, or any other comments that an individual might find offensive.


It is now your turn to provide battlefield analysis utilizing the principals of joint operations. After viewing the video, reading our text and the piece titled, Montgomery Victor of El Alamein and a legend in his own lifetime, 25 March 1976, focusing on the section titled, “Appointed to the Eighth Army”, describe Rommel’s OR Montgomery’s successes and failures during El Alamein. Then formulate your discussion post by answering the following questions in depth in your initial post: Pick one side and show how your side correctly used two principles; Identify and explain what two principles they failed to use (or failed to use correctly) during this battle; For extra credit, identify two of Sun Tzu’s axioms your selected leader used (+5 points 3 kApgiritt per) during the battle. Go to Se.




















































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