Leadership in Organizations

You can assume you met up with my boss Ben who owns his small electrical business. You can come up with the information and answer the following questions regards to ben and from his perspective.make sure to follow the outline about outline.

Short bio of the leader part: Ben is 40 years old, attended Coyne college in Chicago, he started working with his dad while he was young and eventually started his own electrical company( legacyelectric), business currently located in the Chicago area and has been in the business for almost 15 years now.. (You can add on top of that, this is just a small description about him to know who he is and what he does)

MEMO 2 – Interview with the Leader
(Single Spaced, 1-2 Pages)

Conduct an interview with the leader of the selected organization and ask the following questions:

  1. What were your early years like?
  2. How have your parents and others such as friends, teachers and mentors influenced your leaderships style?
  3. What is your leadership style?
  4. How has your leadership evolved over time?
  5. Can you elaborate on any leadership mistakes you made and the lessons learned?
  6. What do you look for when you decide to invest in people?
  7. What career and life advise would you give to new college graduates?

Memo Outline:

I. Short Bio of the Leader
II. Questions and Answers Format
III. Conclusions

Sample Solution