Learning and communication for innovative business practice assignment

Choose one of two social challenges to research, work out what the customer’s pains are and the gains they wish to achieve. Do this before proposing a creative and innovative solution.
Related learning outcomes
This assignment assesses the following unit learning outcomes:
1. Demonstrate professional communication skills in order to effectively articulate an idea and convince others of its merit
2. Apply innovation frameworks to evaluate a social need and/or problem and offer a potential solution.
Work through the following steps to complete this assignment:

The impact of problem gambling on families and the community is of growing concern to the community manager of a local government. There are a number of ways in which those in the community have the opportunity to gamble which include pokie machines at the local pub, betting at the local race track, as well as online gambling. The community manager is concerned that the popularity of gambling continues to increase amongst young adults despite the well documented negative financial and social impacts that gambling can have.
Initial discussions with young adults in the community, especially young men, has determined that this group see gambling as an enjoyable social activity to engage in with their peers. It was also determined the a large proportion of young adults who gambled lost more money than they were comfortable with and often had to forgo necessities as a result of this.
The community manager has seen a number of family breakdowns as a result of problem gambling and is looking for an educative solution to help their local community.

2. Carefully read your case and conduct some background research into the social issue. The Additional resources section at the end of this document includes some sources to start you off in your research of your chosen social issue.
3. Use the https://strategyzer.com/canvas/value-proposition-canvas (Strategyzer, 2016) as a tool to identify the customer job, pains and gains for your chosen social issue.

Title page
Including your name, the title of the assignment, your chosen social issue and appropriate imagery. This is not included in the word count.
Table of contents (not included in word count)
Summary of all the sections and subsections with relevant page numbers.
Introduction (350 words)
This identifies the problem you are trying to solve and provides a broad background to the social issue.
Customer profile – your observations (400 words)
This section provides detail on your customer (the local government health manager) by presenting the findings of your research, covering the following sections of the value proposition canvas:
• Customer job – what the health manager is trying to get done (in this case, the social issue they want to address).
• Pains – the negative aspects they want to avoid.
• Gains – the positive outcomes or benefits they are looking for.
Back up your statements by referencing your research. Where the introduction provides a broad background to the issue, this section should provide detail specific to the health manager and their particular problem.
Your solution (150 words)
Outline your final proposed solution, formulated from your research and consideration of design thinking.
Reference list (not included in word count)
Use Harvard (in-text) citation with the body of your value proposition pitch. Create a separate full reference list. This link to the Harvard style. provides helpful information, examples and FAQs.
Please note the word limits set for each section should be used as a guide to the relative distribution of words between sections.

4. Develop a creative solution to the issues at hand. You may want to use what you have learned about Design Thinking to do this.
5. Complete the Customer profile and solution as per the Sample structure below. Please refer to the rubric for more information on what should be included in each section and for the requirements for presentation, use of literature and referencing

Supporting resources
and I have attached 2 PFD files plus example of how this should look like. (it’s a different social issues but the same thing )

Sample Solution