Learning the Elements of Quantitative Applied Business Research

Review the article, “Perceptions of Sacrifice, Workplace Friendship and Career Concerns as Explanatory Mechanisms of Employees’ Organizational Commitment,” linked in the Resources.
Compose a formal, APA-formatted paper of no more than 700 words (word count excluding title and reference
pages) that:
Assesses the article by providing justification for regarding it as peer reviewed.
Articulates the business problem identified by the article and argues why the study is an example of applied
business research by presenting the context and setting as described by the authors.
Constructs an understanding of the authors’ research purpose based on the stated business problem.
Include an APA-formatted figure, in addition to the written synthesis, to demonstrate fully your ability to
synthesize ideas.
Incorporate the figure into the body of the composition, not presented as an attachment or appendix document.
Identifies the specific research method of the study and articulates the authors’ reasoning for this selection as
appropriate for the study’s purpose.
Critiques the authors’ rationale for the worth or value of researching the business problem.
Critiques the authors’ academic foundation for the study in that the research upon which the study seeks to build is appropriate for the business problem.

Sample Solution