compare 2 learning theories (Vygotsky vs Piaget) while discussing which you believe is more beneficial to learning in education. You must include what learning means to you, this can be incorporated throughout the essay or have its own section

– Overview of what will be discussed and my opinion that Vygotsky’s theory of social constructivism is more beneficial to learning
Paragraph 1.
– Discuss Vygotsky’s emphasis on culture and how it affects cognitive development opposed to Piaget’s theory that states that cognitive development is universal across cultures
Paragraph 2
– Discuss Vygotsky’s emphasis on social factors and how they contribute to cognitive development opposed to Piaget who places little emphasis on this
Paragraph 3
– Discuss the 2 main principles of Vygotsky’s theory, the More Knowledgeable Other and the Zone of Proximal Development
Paragraph 4
– Discuss Vygotsky’s emphasis on the role of internalization of language in particular private speech on cognitive development opposed to Piaget who looks as it being a developmental dead end



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