Legal Moral Reasoning

This is a critical thinking class.

I need an outline page and a 8-10 page research paper with works citied. (if you quote please please please cite because this paper is ran through a plagiarism cite that is very through)

In the instructions it says that you can pick whatever research topic but if you could please do the research on something about nutrition that would be awesome.

I have provided the instructions for the research paper as well as the instructions for the outline please read carefully.

This is a critical thinking English class. It states in the instructions to use what has been learned from the course. we’ve learned about

objective and subjective claims
moral subjectivism
premise and conclusion
deductive and inductive arguments
logos, pathos and ethos
rhetorical devices
opposition and refute
*euphemism, dysphemism, weaselers, down players, stern types, innuendo, loaded questions, proud surrogates and repetition.

Sample Solution