Doc 1: According to the letter, what difficulties were encountered by the author while travelling west?

Doc 2: This is from an original newspaper, which may make it hard to read in some places. Do you best! Q: What kind of advice does this author give to travelers moving West?

Doc 3: What kinds of people are up in the mountains surrounding the gold regions of Northern California?
3.a What does the author have to say about the state of law and order in the region?
3.b The author notes that a lot of people in the area are sitting on around $200,000, stashed in their homes. Look up an inflation calculator on the internet and find out what $200k is in 2020 dollars. This site is good: https://www.in2013dollars.com/1860-dollars-in-2017?amount=1 What is the amount you discovered?

Doc 4: What does this articles state occurred in the California mountains with one party of travelers? (Note, geographically, this event occurred on what is now known as Donner Pass, and it is just above the aptly named “Death Valley.”

Doc 5: Based upon article 4, What happened to the people in the Donner Party while they were stuck in the mountains of California?

Doc 6: How did Chinese Immigrants find opportunity in the new city of San Francisco during the Gold Rush?

Doc 7: How did the newly arrived Chinese population of California contribute to the California economy?

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