Letters of James, Peter and Jude

Research one critical issue or theological theme that occurs in one or more of the letters of James, Peter, and Jude. Each paper should include the following: · Introduction that presents your thesis and approach. · Explanation of your topic’s primary interpretive options. · Discussion of current scholarship on the issue. · Presentation of your research/exegesis on the topic. · Application that clearly shows the relevance of your findings for Christians today. · Conclusion Suggested topics: · James’ condemnation of the rich. · The authorship of 1 and 2 Peter. Should it be considered pseudonymous? What are the implications of this for understanding the development of the Canon? · The context of James. To what degree can we reconstruct the historical/social setting of the letter? How crucial is this to understanding the letter’s key themes? · What should we make of James’ emphasis on works? Is it compatible with salvation by faith alone? · Examine Peter’s Christology – particularly in 1 Peter. How does Peter present Christ and his work on the cross? How is it similar/different from other NT writers? · Develop a theological explanation for the “already” and “not yet” tension found in 1 Peter as it relates to what the believer experiences in the present versus future glory of the Kingdom. · Discuss the relationship of 2 Peter and Jude (at least 19 of the 25 verses in Jude are represented in 2 Peter). What significance is this is for understanding authorship and ancient letter writing. · Discuss the merits for and against the common view that Jude’s letter is intended to combat an early form of Gnosticism.




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