Liberal individualism

  1. Liberal individualism, or what Davies calls “opportunity liberalism,” held a central position in American political, economic and social thought. In short, Americans have historically committed themselves to an ideology that stresses the individualistic strain of liberalism.
  2. Davies accounts for the shift away from opportunity liberalism to entitlement liberalism in his book. For this essay, students will discuss the major factors that contributed to this fundamental shift in ideological/social/political/economic disposition. According to Davies, what were the major factors that helped create the entitlement liberalism consensus? In other words, what were the major events, ideas, decisions, circumstances, etc., that help historians understand why Americans moved away from the more individualistic strain of liberalism toward a more entitlement strain of liberalism?

The only source we can use is the book—–From Opportunity to Entitlement: The Transformation and Decline of Great Society Liberalism. (Kansas, 1996). ISBN: 0700609946.”

Sample Solution