Lifespan Development

Directions: Read the short excerpt (link below) on Noam Chomsky’s theory of language development from the beginning through the paragraph entitled “Observations that support the Chomskyan view of language.”
cases you may want to in order to clearly explain your answer.

  1. What perspective dominated psychology’s understanding of language development before Chomsky came along? And, how did Chomsky’s theory deviate from previous theories of language? (Refer to the Chomsky chapter 17 in our textbook, the ppt., and the Chomsky reading to help you answer this question.)
  2. Does Noam Chomsky support John Locke’s idea of the tabula rasa when it comes to language acquisition? Why or Why not? Please provide specific information from the Ch. 17ppt. in defense of your answer.
  3. What did enslaved children on plantations centuries ago do concerning language? And, what is the key difference between pidgin language and creole language (from the reading)?
  4. How does the story of these plantation children support Chomsky’s idea of innate (universal) grammar? Please be specific and incorporate ppt. and/or Chapter 17 material in your answer.

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