Lightning Fast

The board of directors of Lightning Fast have become increasingly concerned about the theme park’s decline in sales and profitability over the last 6 months. The company have hired your services as a project management consultant to undertake detailed analysis of its current business activities and its software systems to enable it to overcome these difficulties and restore the confidence of its key stakeholders.

This assignment requires you to produce a report (1500 – 2000 words) encompassing the following:

Part A (1500 words):
Analysis of visitors to the theme park has revealed that 90% are UK based whilst only 10% are foreign tourists. Identify 2 projects e.g. a new ride, developing a hotel complex etc. which would make the park more attractive to foreign tourists.
Justify why these projects are suitable and explain they will create business “value” for Lightning Fast and will allow it to boost its sales and profitability.
Based upon your findings select of one of the projects you have discussed and explain to the board of directors why they should proceed to develop it with immediate effect.
Estimate the RBS (Requirements Breakdown Structure) for your selected project.
Consider the 4 quadrants of the Project Landscape and briefly explain which quadrant your project lies within.
Explore how the project will allow the company to restore the confidence of its key internal and external stakeholders. Remember to support with reputable wider reading and reference this in full.
You may wish to undertake PESTLE, Porter’s 5 forces, SWOT and stakeholder analyses to increase your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter being investigated. If this is the case – these supporting materials should be placed in the appendices and referred to within the main body of your report.
Part B (500 words):
Lightning Fast currently uses Project Libre ( to develop, manage and control its projects. However, its project managers are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with its facilities. You are required to download this software and enter the precedence table shown below.
You are required to briefly appraise Project Libre’s features, advantages and limitations.
Identify two alternative project management software systems which could replace Project Libre and evaluate their features, advantages and limitations.
Based upon your analysis select one of the “two alternatives” and recommend to the board of directors which one they should buy. Explain the rationale for your choice.

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