Your team has been selected by ADNOC to study an interesting prospect – an onshore sour gas reservoir in a foreign country.
Each team member must carry out the following personal assignment allocated in agreement with the rest of the team:

a. Choose one of the following subjects by agreement among team members (different subjects to each team member):
i. Likely future product prices for gas, condensate and sulphur
ii. Decommissioning or abandonment techniques and costs for facilities after the end of production
iii. Political and economic issues in your “host” country
iv. What new technology could be applied to improve recovery and/or economics
Note 1: Teams with 3 members should skip the last subject.
Note 2: If teams have problems agreeing on which subject members should take on, the instructor will draw lots.

b. Each team member will collect information and write a report on their subject which will form an appendix in the final project report. The report should summarise the issues in the subject area associated with the project description, and especially the country. Then it should make recommendations about what to do or what data to use which relate to the subject above. The rest of the project should be aligned with these recommendations as far as possible.

c. There must be at least one reference to the course textbook and at least three to other published work. You can use web page references but at least one reference must be to a refereed publication or book. Use SPE guidelines for the citation.

d. The report should use a minimum of 1000 works but not exceed 3000 words.

e. Don’t forget your Student Pledge of Academic Integrity!

f. Please submit your agreed individual assignments by Monday 16th Apr. using turn-it-in, but you should try to complete the work as early as possible, as other project work is likely to depend on it.

g. This assignment will be worth 25% of the overall project grade, which counts for 20% of the course grade (so this assignment will be 5% of your total mark).

More data on your particular project will be sent soon.

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