Linguistic Discrimination in America

Paper has to use Times New Roman 12(double spaced) -Paper must be using MLA style -Paper must have atleast 3 cited resources that are about the topic and must be used in the paper without copying
Introduction–give a general definition of “discrimination”. Tell your readers what your exact topic is. State your thesis statement
Body paragraph one–This paragraph will describe the effects of the discrimintaion in your topic. What evidence is there of the problem? How widespread is the problem? Who is affected? How? Why? Give examples of types of problems caused by the discrimination in your topic.
Body paragraph two–This paragraph will describe the causes of discrimination in your topic. How long has the discrimintaion existed? How did these problems or conflicts get started and develop? Give examples of historical events that led up to the conflicts.
Body paragraph three–This paragraph will discuss solutions to the problem. What has been done to try to solve these problems or conflicts? Have any international organizations been involved? Have any laws changed? Is the situation getting better or worse? Explain
Conclusion–Provide a short summary of the situation and briefly tell what you think needs to be done in the future

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