Listening guide

The assigned listening for Week 8 include two versions of three different pieces. For this assignment, choose
one of these three pieces: either “L’Espagne en Italie,” “La pointe du jour,” or “Sheepskin and Beeswax”. State
which piece you have chosen. Then do the following:

  1. First, make a listening guide for each version of your chosen piece. This listening guide should be aimed at
    an audience of high school or undergraduate students; presume that they have no music theory knowledge.
    Creative approaches to listening guides are encouraged. Do not simply provide a listing of time codes and
    musical features. Rather, guide your listener through the music with the goal of helping them make their own
    connections, and perhaps even extensions, about the sounds they are hearing. On which musical elements
    would you like your listeners to focus and why?

Sample Solution