Literacy connections

Paper instructions

This is little information to use in writing storytelling see below:
black women in the middle class family, age upper 50s, introvert, a family similiar to the Cosby Show how they act as a family unit, without using anything about father being a doctor. Answer all questions below with 5-7 structural sentences along with 4 bullet points in each section below 2 through 8.
Digital Story Part 3 – Secondary Dimension –

  1. Introduction of Worldview concerning the Secondary Dimension
  2. Socio-economics- how did this shape you and what does this mean to you
  3. Geographical- Any questions about the aspect of Geographic Location in the SECONDARY Dimension of Diversity?
  4. Literacy pictures- illustrate the pictures that tie to your life
  5. Mirror/Window – mirror- reflect back in your life and window- what you see
  6. Literacy connections – quotes, etc.
    Include statements to explain each aspect
  7. conclusion

Sample Solution