Little Red Riding Hood

You will rewrite the classic children’s tale (Forensics Style) to plan and carry out an investigation into the mystery of who left hair at the “crime scene” of Granny’s house. Let your creativity shine in the details of the story, but make sure it is accurate and involves the hair analysis concepts we have learned in this module. Include information about hair analysis, hair collection techniques, medullary index, and so forth to identify hair found at the crime scene as Red’s, Granny’s, or the wolf in question. Think of ways you could identify (and compare) to whom the mystery hair belongs. Have fun with it and really show off what you have learned!

Evaluation Criteria
Little Red Riding Hood Storyline
Hair Analysis and Investigation Techniques
Medullary Index
Appropriate for Children Reading
Children’s Book Format
Accuracy of Forensic Concepts
Length (5-6pg)

Sample Solution