MAKE AN ARGUMENT about the nature of virtual communities

Write a 6-8-page paper where you (1) MAKE AN ARGUMENT about the nature of virtual communities and/or social media based on your engagement and ethnographic/participant observation experience with a virtual community that you chose. Please state your argument clearly in the first page (or paragraph) of the paper. Your argument should be specific and detailed, but also somewhat general (speaking to the larger spectrum of social media or virtual communities generally).
For example, “In this paper, through participant observation in the sub-Reddit gaming community, I argue that limitations in interactivity prevent the development of strong ties, but using social media to promote and advertise more interactive and engaging events have the potential to create a vibrant, diverse, and vast blended community.” This thesis is very specific in terms of the argument and theories that it will interact with, as well as some of the qualities that it tries to prove. Specifically, the paper tries to prove that 1) interactivity is a crucial component to developing strong ties over social media, 2) but strong ties are possible and supported through social media, and 3) that these ties are diverse and come from specific forms of engagement that social media can support.
The rest of the paper is where you (2) PROVIDE EVIDENCE FROM YOUR PARTICIPANT OBSERVATION/ETHNOGRAPHY as well as (3) UTILIZE AT LEAST TWO READINGS FROM THIS CLASS to make your case. Please provide detailed and specific examples from your participant observation. This means talking about specific interactions and observations. Describe an interaction. What did you post/say? How did they respond? Why does this interaction prove your thesis/argument? How do readings (at least 2), theories, and concepts from this class also support your interpretation of your evidence? In other words, how do the readings prove (or even disprove) your argument? If what you find somehow contradicts the findings in readings, provide more evidence and explanations to show how and suggest why you observed such a difference.
As with the disconnect paper, your interactions with the readings are CRUCIAL and should be the CENTER of the paper. In other words, choose to make an argument that interacts with at least 2 readings in the course. You likely could make MANY arguments with the data you found, but choose something that will allow for deep interaction with the class readings.
If for some reason the readings do not seem to apply well to what you want to write about or what your argument is, please see me in office hours and talk to me as soon as possible. There is room for making an exception to the way readings are used, but for sure, class materials must be a central part to the paper.
The key to this paper is your content and analysis–developing some compelling insight into your experience. Please see rubric and example outline (in “Files” section of the course site) for more details on how to write a successful paper.

Argument and Thesis
Thesis clearly, specifically, and in detail states the argument of the paper. The argument is focused and specific to a theme of the course or a class-related topic. The argument is then the main focus of nearly every paragraph, as the rest of the paper seeks to prove the argument.

Use of Evidence/Examples
At least two specific examples, situations, observations, and/or pieces of evidence are used to prove the argument. These units of data (stories, quotes, specific interactions, observations, etc.) are well described and explained. In addition, the author makes a clear connection between the evidence and why/how it proves the thesis and argument of the paper.

Connection to (2) Readings
At least two readings from class are integrated and discussed in the paper. The connections are clearly explained, detailed, and specific. The author spends time articulating how the reading shows up in the evidence/data and how it helps prove the overall argument and thesis of the paper.

Please remove irrelevant information and add new information as per the corrections. Please add specific information needed on the following prompt. Please use proper citation with the correct format.

Please make sure to answer each question!


Please write in your own words. Please write a beautiful, perfect, interesting, strong, powerful, detailed, clear, and critical essay! Show me the tentative argument with good faith efforts.

Please add some details and make it more aligned to the question.

Please make sure you connect more the readings. what are the bridges? Almost there.

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