Using a topic related to management from the SIOP research priority list and find three additional peer
reviewed articles in this area (in addition to any of the readings) that provide context to the topic. Write a 600 –
word summary (formatted according to APA guidelines) that discusses the contributions of the five additional
journal articles you selected and how these help to provide additional clarity on the topic.
The following are current topics and relevant journal articles in management that you:
Affect/emotion: Creed, W.D., Hudson, B.A., Okhuysen, G.A. and Smith-Crowe, K., 2014. Swimming in a sea of
shame: Incorporating emotion into explanations of institutional reproduction and change. Academy of

  1. Complete an annotated bibliography of the peer reviewed sources used. Each source should have a
    minimum of 50 words review and answer a, b, and c below. Each source should:
    a. Summarize the source and discuss the research study that was conducted and what the findings were.
    b. Assess the source and discuss how useful it is and how it compares with other sources in your paper.
    c. Reflect on how the source will be useful to you in your forum. How does it help to shape your argument and
    how are you using it to shape your writing?
  2. Kellar (2014) states “we must love our neighbor, but Christianity gives us very specific teachings about
    human nature and what makes human beings flourish. We must make sure that our work is done in line with
    these understandings. Faithful work, then, is to operate out of a Christian Worldview” (p. 21).
    The different Christian traditions “give somewhat different answers of how we should go about the task of
    recapturing vocation. The streams are often confusing to Christians, for they are not perfectly complementary
    to one another” (Kellar, 2014, p.21).
    We are going to reflect on some of these sentiments that Kellar introduces in Every Good Endeavor.
    The second sentiment we are going to look at is: “The way to serve God at work is to further social justice in
    the world.”
    • Read Kellar (2014) Chapter 9: A New Story for Work
    • Review the following article:
    Freeman, R. (2004). Stakeholder theory and “the corporate objective revisited”. Organization Science, 15(3),
    3a. What are your thoughts on stakeholder theory and Kellar’s writing? Are there similarities here and do you
    agree or disagree with this sentiment that the way to serve God at work is to further social justice in the world?
    Write a 285 -word reflection that incorporates the Freeman article.

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