Management and leadership theories

Select one of the management or leadership theories (you may know of one not listed below) and three of the characteristics listed below. You want to research what details for each characteristic you chose applies to the selected management or leadership theory. You should write at least 100-word minimum for each characteristic.

Management and leadership theories include (select one or one you are familiar with):

Contingency theory
Systems theory
Chaos theory
Theory X and Theory Y
Human relations theory
Transactional leadership theory
Transformational leadership theory
Path-goal theory
Charismatic leadership theory
Situational leadership theory.
Different types of characteristics to consider for each management or leadership theory are (select three):

Values, integrity and moral development
Confidence and optimism
Skills and expertise
Influence tactics
Attributes about followers
Beliefs and assumptions.
For example, you may select the contingency theory and write 100-word minimum about (1) traits, 100-word minimum about (2) skills and expertise, and 100-word minimum about (3) behavior.

Sample Solution