Management in Criminal Justice

1. Many management pioneers, theorists and “guru’s” have been discussed in the schools of thought they represent. Which one theorist and school do you believe holds the most impact for the next five (5) years of criminal justice practice and why? Cite the theorist’s and the school’s major discoveries, points etc. and how they support your answer. Your answer must be methodical, well-planned and workable.
2. The American criminal justice system in general and police, in particular, have both weathered a good bit of controversy during the last five (5) years. Some sectors are demanding “change.” What needs to change? Be specific and cite examples. Countervailing this is the unwillingness of rank and file law enforcement officers, as well as a good many of their supervisors and managers, to change. As an administrator/practitioner, what school of management would you use to bring about change? How would this school of management thought be integrated into your change strategy?



Sample Solution