Management Information Systems

Write a brief narrative essay where you discuss the topic you have decided to research and write
about. Tell your audience, your fellow classmates and your instructor how you arrived at this
topic, some of the other ideas you considered in your brainstorming activities, and the working
thesis you have settled on for the start of your project. Also, be sure to let us know about some of the initial library research you have conducted.

Questions to consider as you write your first draft
• Is the research topic one assigned by the instructor? Is it focused on a specific group of texts,
questions, or ideas that have to do with a specific class?
• Are you expected to come up with your own idea for research? Since it is unlikely you will be
able to write about just anything, what are some of the guidelines given to you by your instructor
for what you can and can’t write about?
• What are some of the ideas for research that you rejected as possibilities? Why did you reject
some of these ideas?
• What ideas did you decide to brainstorm about? Remember! Be sure to brainstorm about more
than one idea! What brainstorming techniques did you use to explore these ideas? Which ones
seemed to work the best?
• What are some of the research topics that make up your research idea? In other words, when you
begin to narrow your idea into different topics, what are some of the different research topics that
interest you?
• What results did you get from a quick library keyword search? Be sure the keyword search you
do of your library’s databases examines books, periodicals, and newspapers to see a full range
of possibilities for research. Also, be sure to consider as many synonyms as possible for the
keyword terms you are using for your research topic.
• What results did you get from a keyword search on the World Wide Web? Be sure to conduct a
keyword search using more than one search engine since different services compile their data in
different ways. Also, as was also the case with your library keyword search, be sure to consider
as many synonyms as possible.
• Given these steps in the process, what is your working thesis? What variations of your working
thesis did you consider along the way?

Sample Solution