Management Issues Facing Human Service Organizations

Roles and Standards for management

II. What is the difference between a leader and a boss? Are there any distinct characteristics between a leader and a boss? Which is more beneficial in management?
A. What are key characteristics in leaders? (Definition Included)
1. Is being a leader necessary in management?
2. What is required of a leader to maintain employment?
3. What are the consequences and punishments if something is disregarded?
B. What are key characteristics in a boss? (Definition Included)
1. Is being a boss necessary in Management?
2. What is required of a boss to maintain status or employment?
3. Are there consequences and punishments for bosses if something is violated or disregarded?
C. Goals and Expectations in Management
1. Mention the importance of goals and expectations in Management
2. Explain the needs and importance in order to achieve progress and growth through management practices
3. Article source critiques on facts with sources to support facts and statements

III. Measurement and Performance
A. Surveys and the necessity for clients and staff to help improve practices
B. Proper chain of command and accountability for wrongful actions
C. Honesty, integrity and transparency to build and establish healthy positive repertoire
IV. Ethics
A. Proper ethical training
B. Respect for all religions, beliefs, differences, rituals, humans and
C. Maintaining privacy and not violating HIPPA or people’s personal rights
D. No being biased or prejudiced/ proper penalties when wrongful acts are committed
V. Case study #1 on Proper Ethical Procedures
E. Background case information
F. What key factors helped the situation to have a positive outcome? What could’ve tainted the results?
G. How did it conclude?
VI. Case study #1 on Improper Ethical Procedures
H. Background case information
I. What was the violation? What was the penalty if any?
J. What could’ve and should’ve been done differently?
K. How did it conclude?
VII. Comparison and Contrast
VIII. Importance of accountability in these situations
L. Definition of accountability
M. Reasons why accountability was extremely important in case 1 Proper Ethics
N. Reasons why accountability would’ve made a difference in case 2 Improper Ethics
O. Why management should enforce oversee and properly address issues like this and similar issues










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