Management of Public Services

State the strategic aims of the public service, including appropriate policy content How should the public service organise itself and its activity? What roles do different organisations / partners play? Where are the governance considerations and arrangements that could be made for improvement? What resources are available / needed to have an efficient and effective service? How will you explore and understand these issues from the perspective of the client / user / customer but also the perspective of other stakeholders? What outputs and outcomes are envisaged? Are these appropriate or are there other ways or means of evaluating success? How should progress towards these judged and / or measured? What are the issues that emerge from an understanding the service as part of a complex system? How should the service adapt to this? What are the development needs of the service and how will these be met? What should the service do to sustain itself and how should it assess progress in future? What explanations can you provide for your observations? What lessons do you take from this exercise?




Sample Solution