Managerial Economics

Your boss has just given you an important, high priority assignment. The company’s core business product has shown steadily shrinking profitability and you’ve been asked to address the problem by coming up with at least two new pricing techniques. Your boss will meet with you at the end of the month to hear your proposal. Prior to the meeting, your boss would like to see a brief Memo that outlines your proposal and explains the impact it will have on units sold and profits

Instructions Develop a Memo of 2 to 3 pages for your boss. As a Memo is a succinct business communication, it is helpful to work through your ideas before writing the document. To prepare in this way, make notes, using the prompts in the Sample Outline provided at the end of these Instructions. When you are ready to proceed with writing your Memo, use the same Sample Outline to structure the sections of your Memo document.

Sample Solution