Managing Global Supply Chain

Describe the Global Supply Chain operations of Nescafe. Pick a product/service that you own, or use, or consume and make a visit to the focal organisation. i) Describe its supply chain, going as far upstream as possible to raw materials. ? Where and how was it made? ? Where were its components/parts made? ? Where were the raw materials/resources sourced from? ? How long did this take? How many steps and movements? ii) What are the key challenges in the planning and operations of this supply chain? (To answer this, pick the below questions relevant to your product/service consideration) ? What were the key issues in managing inventory, warehouse and distribution? ? How does the supply chain under consideration collaborate and manage their materials? ? Do the supply chain under consideration have any risk and sustainability issues? ? How do the supply chain under consideration measure performance? ? How the supply chain under consideration leverages the usage of technology to compete with leading supply chains?

Sample Solution