Manic Episode

Brenda Griffin is a 38-year-old single white female who lives alone and works as a certified public accountant. She presents as very talkative and complains she has only been sleeping 2–3 hours per night. During the interview, Brenda presents as distracted. She states she has been working on her MBA and writing a romance novel, all while working a full-time job as a CPA. She is well-dressed and her hygiene is good. Brenda answers questions appropriately and presents as fully engaged in the interview process.

1. Identify one screening tool you could use when evaluating Brenda.
2. What additional clinical information would be needed in order to make a diagnosis of bipolar I disorder?
3. What interviewing techniques would be best used for Brenda?
4. Identify a pharmacologic evidence-based intervention that could be used to treat manic symptoms.
5. If Brenda experiences a depressive period following a manic episode, would interpersonal psychotherapy be an effective intervention for her? Explain your reasoning.
6. Identify what lab work you would order for Brenda. Provide evidence to support your rationale.
7. Is Brenda in need of hospital stabilization? If so, what steps would you take to seek hospitalization? Would you involve her family? Why or why not?



Sample Solution