Market analysis

You are to play the role of a marketing communications consultant required to produce an outline integrated
marketing communications plan on behalf of a client. As a starting point, you will be provided with a
client briefing document (Netflix) in week 5. Workshop sessions from week 5 onwards are largely
dedicated to working on your assignment with your peers and with tutor support.
Your recommendations should be for advertising and marketing communications alone. Your report will
include the following sections:
• Brand analysis (10%) – approx 350 words
• Market analysis (10%) – approx 350 words
• Digital Visual Board (5%) – approx 100 words
• Objectives (10%) – approx 350 words
• Target audience selection and persona (10%) – approx 350 words
• Creative proposals (15%) – approx 500 words
• Media proposals (15%) – approx 500 words
• Evaluation proposals (15%) – approx 500 words
The final 10% of the marks will be allocated to the presentation quality of your written report (report format,
written English, referencing, relevant use of tables, diagrams and appendices).
Please refer to the faculty postgraduate grade descriptors/criteria on Blackboard for what constitutes a
pass, merit and distinction.
Report Tips
• A professionally produced report is expected i.e. headings, sub-headings, numbering system, page
numbers, reference/sources, tables/diagrams, appendices etc.
• Make use of spelling and grammar checking software
• Identify linkages between sections where appropriate.
• Ensure that all facts/data are fully sourced. You should use the Harvard referencing method (see
Faculty Harvard referencing guide on Blackboard).
• Justify your decisions/recommendations.
Report Content – Guidance
Justifications should be given for all decisions and proposals and these should relate back to the client
brief and your analysis of the secondary data (see resources in assignment folder on Blackboard). The
outline plan should be fully integrated and demonstrate ‘joined up thinking’. The plan should include details
as indicated below:

    Sources/Citations: You are expected to make use of the brand and market industry resources in each
    section. See Blackboard Assessment Resource Folder for links to resources.
    You will have to investigate the nature of the situation before communications proposals can be made.
    The primary aim of your analysis should be to gain insight i.e. gain a deeper understanding of the
    situation/relevant issues. This is equivalent to playing the role of Account Planner and is an important
    part of the total marketing communications process. The main purpose and use of this analysis, in practice,
    would be to gain strategic insight in order to brief the rest of the agency team, and in particular, the
    creatives and media planners.
    Your analysis needs to highlight the key issues that are specific to the communications task set. In
    particular, this section should focus on all major and relevant brand and market data (see resources in
    assignment folder on Blackboard). You should highlight any implications that are pertinent to the IMC
    Plan. You are expected to make full use of available secondary sources and on-line databases/websites.
    You are required to conduct your own further analysis based on SECONDARY DATA ONLY. Clear
    identification of sources of reference is an essential part of your analysis.
    1.1 Brand analysis (10%) – approx 350 words
    Issues to consider/include in this section are;
    • Brand background/overview – brief summary
    • Product/service offering – features & benefits (rational and emotional)
    • Advertising (past/recent campaigns – UK & overseas) – creative/messages, media used
    1.2 Market analysis (10%) – approx 350 words
    Issues to consider/include in this section are;
    • Consumer attitudes and behaviour – towards the brand/category
    • Competition – product/service offering and advertising campaigns
    1.3 Digital Visual Board/Landscape (5%) – approx 100 words
    Your digital visual board/landscape should be a visual representation of part(s) of your written brand &
    market analysis
    • The visuals on the board can focus on any of the following;
    o the brand e.g. past/recent advertising
    o the target market/audiences
    o the competitive landscape
    o any combination of the above
    • You need to provide some written justification (approx. 100 words) for the content of the board
    within your report. Justification to consider/include in this section are;
    o What information/issues/themes/insight are you trying to convey?
    o How were the images selected?
    o What were your sources?
    o How/why will this inspire the creative team/media planners?

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